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Revisiting BFRO Report #16527 – Kepps Crossing, Idaho

Kepps Crossing at Willow Creek

I took some time to revisit the location where the nearest official BFRO Class A sighting took place. 12 years later and the same time of year. I visited and filmed the area known as Kepps Crossing near Bone, Idaho. Its just a 30 min drive across town and into the hills. More and more homes are being built just a canyon or so away. The dense willows surrounding Willow Creek give creedence to the water’s name. Dense cover and hard to access areas surround this valley depression creek. Often an area of recreation including optimal trails for ATVs, clearings for some shooting and some awesome vistas with steep cliff faces and stands of quaking aspen and dispersed cedars.

I think that I was able to find the approximate location of the sighting based on the description and events described in the report.

Check out the video and some stills I was able to take: