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Strange Happenings

I’ve had some strange and unexplainable things happen to me. I would like to think there are some tangible reasons for some of it, but I’ll never really know for sure.

The Spotlight

One evening in the late fall my wife and I had finished visiting with some friends at their apartment. We walked down the staircase from their door and out into the common parking area. It was a brisk evening and we didn’t want to be out for too long as we said goodbye we walked between two of the buildings and there was a gap. Many stars were out on this clear evening and I always look up to see what kind of celestial bodies I can find. We both looked for a little bit and noticed a pretty bright star that seemed out of place and a bit too big to be a star. Suddenly a beam of light shined in our direction from this star. It focused on us for a split second and then panned. After a couple seconds the beam dissipated and the object shot away at a steady, but quick pace. We stood there in awe asking if our friends had seen the same thing from their angle. It did happen fast and its hard to say what it could be. It reminded me of a helicopter spotlighting a crime scene, but from very far away without any flashing lights and no sound. We walked away from that scratching our heads and being a little bit more open-minded to strange things.

The Splitter

In the late months of of winter, I was driving my small family eastbound on I-84 between Twin Falls and Boise. It was a windy and stormy drive with some patches of clear sky. There weren’t many other cars on the road at this hour. We noticed some low swooping lights that seemed like 2-3 helicopters making a linear pattern then they would turn around and do the same thing the opposite way. We had this view for about 4-5 miles going past farmland. The lights would maneuver at maybe 600-700 ft and then it looked like their numbers would change from 3 to 5 or 6 objects. They had structure and shape with several lights. It was difficult to make out the size an shape while driving, but it was certainly an odd encounter. At first I thought it was some military maneuvers due to the Mountain Home AFB being close by, but the type of maneuvers we saw would not be normal, nor would they be safe. Hard to describe and even more difficult to explain!

The Spinning V

While on a vacation to Southern California, my wife thought it was a good idea to go into Hollywood and get a picture of the famous sign. We meandered up the hills and found a know it all guy to take a mediocre photo of us without the sign. We were staying further north and were on a major highway near West Hollywood. As a driver I am pretty aware of my environs and keep a close eye out for some of those crazy kamikaze drivers that are more common in parts. As we approached a turn I could see what appeared to be a giant mylar balloon suspended about 400 – 600 feet off the ground. This object was shaped like a V with planar sides. It was bright and reflective and it tumbled on its side on the point of the axis.

Spinning V UAP in context

As we got closer I noticed it was very large, about the size of my Toyota Sienna minivan. A balloon that size would have a tether the size of a large rope, but there was none. I watched this for about 2 miles in amazement. As we got closer we took an exit near it. In my stupor of amazement I turned right off of the exit instead of left towards it. I remember looking for a good place to park in a clearing so we could get a good look at it, but I ended up very distracted and confused dealing with side streets in an unfamiliar neighborhood. This entire sighting was about 10-12 minutes before we were done and ready to get back on the road. I remember just talking about how nuts that was and that I wanted to report it. You can read my official NUFORC report here. Since then I have told a few people and their reaction is usually one of interest, or just a big shrug. Is it possible that they were filming something nearby that so happened to look like a large UAP? Its entirely possible and that much more possible because of where it happened. When I think about the size and the behavior it still catches me off guard. I have made a simple mockup of the shape in context to where I think I remember seeing it. Its all approximate as this was at least 10 years ago. Could it have been a movie prop, or did we miss our opportunity for some of the best footage the world has seen? I am still dissapointed I didn’t go the right way and get right underneath it. I’d like to say there is a rational explanation for what we saw, but we’ll never know for sure.

The Coastal Camper

I took my family on an adventure of a lifetime in an RV around the country full time for over 18 months. Towards the beginning of our trip we stayed along the coast of Washington State’s Peninsula. I found it interesting how many carvings of Sasquatch we saw in the surrounding areas. Its almost like a fact of life up there. We stayed on some reservation land outside of Ocean City, we dry camped there for almost 2 weeks. We had a really good time enjoying the beach and the surrounding area. One night we had powered down our generator and there was no wind this night, many of the weekend campers had left and it was just us and a few others in the area. My wife and I spent some time chatting before bed and were about to turn out the overhead lamp to conserve on our battery. We started to hear a scratching and rattling under where our front door was. I thought it was some kind of animal or who knows what. So I go out to inspect with a flashlight. As I exited the trailer there wasn’t any indication of anything odd. I went to the front of the trailer and dropped underneath with the light to see if there was something there – half expecting to see something scurry away. I was still a little perplexed and went in to get my pistol and go went out with a plan to have my wife throw the floodlights on the back of the trailer on. I flanked around the opposite side of the trailer and about 5 seconds later I heard the body of some-thing throw itself into the thick coastal bush at full speed. The best way to describe this sound is like if a buffalo had run full speed into a thatch of dry branches, caring not for any bodily damage it was inflicting to itself. This set me off on a little bit of a fear based rant I was shouting and throwing big baseball sized rocks in the direction of what I thought was there. If it was a murderer, maybe I’d knock him out, if it was a deer or elk I’d expect it to take off. But it was almost like whatever it was had busted into the cover and stopped and was watching me. I shined the Maglight towards it looking for glowing eyes to shine back. I never did see what it was. When I went back inside, my wife was a bit shaken saying she swore she saw something run super fast towards the bushes on 2 feet. She was a little worried and was hard to settle down. I took the liberty to look on the BFRO site for Sasquatch sightings in the area. Interesting enough several class A experiences several years before. Do I KNOW what I heard that night was a bigfoot? No. Could it be a drunk casino patron? Possibly. Do I THINK it was a sasquatch – absolutely, and more accurately a curious adolescent Sasquatch.