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My Odd Experiences

This is by no means an exhaustive expulsion of all my strange experiences, but a list of the ones that stand out the most to me. Hope you enjoy!

The Bed

When I was about 9-10 years old, I was living in Rexburg, Idaho. It was winter and close to Christmas at the time. In age, I am in the middle of 5 other brothers.  It was close to my bedtime and my father told me to go to bed. My dad, along with my two older brothers, were in the living room watching TV with my father. As I walked into my room and crawled into bed, I remember that I did not feel alone in the room. Not sure why – have never felt that previous to this, from what I recall. Anyway, I crawl into bed, pull the covers over me and lay my head on my pillow.

That feeling of not being alone, never left and I began to feel anxious and a little uncomfortable. I never felt threatened or in harms way, but I was very unsettled. I began scanning the room with my eyes and my eyes were led to the twin bed next to be belonging to my brother. The bed was empty (as my brother was in the other room watching TV), and his bed was made and empty of any clothes or anything else, etc. I looked at the bed and noticed something strange about it. It appeared that someone (or something)  not visible to me was laying in the bed.

The reason I say this, is because I could see the outline of a “body” laying in the bed and on the pillow. What startled me most, was that the indentation of this apparent “body” was moving up and down as if the “thing” on my bed was slowly breathing in and out. From what I remember, I ran out of the room and tried to forget about what happened. Nothing like this ever happened to me again while in that house or at that age, but I clearly remember seeing the outline of a body on the bed, feeling like someone else was in the room and the slow steady movement of breathing.

The Voice

When I was about 23 years old, I was serving as a volunteer missionary for the church to which I belong. At the time, I was living in Evansville, Indiana. I was assigned to this area for approximately 6-months. I was partnered with another male missionary a few years younger than me. One evening, at about 8 p.m., my companion and I were riding from a local church member’s home back to our apartment. It was dark and from what I remember, it was the fall of 2003. As we rode our bikes down a back road, I suddenly felt a presence surround my person. I felt darkness, anger, loneliness and fright and became startled at what was happening.

My companion was riding his bicycle behind me, roughly 10-15 yards to my 6 o’clock. I kinda-sorta looked around, thinking maybe something was about to happen, like a wreck or some car heading towards us that we didn’t see or what not. None of that happened. Suddenly, I physical voice – not in my head or a strong thought – a literal physical male voice emanated just next to my right. In one word, the voice was “wicked.” It said one thing, my name. It said it in such a way, that I nearly crashed. It was nefarious in how my name was directed at me. I looked behind me and saw my companion, again, 10-15 yards behind me to my 6 ‘o’clock. NO ONE else was by me. The streets were empty and dark, occupied only by me and my companion and the sound of mountain bike tires and gears rolling on the road on a quiet street.

I was somewhat repulsed by what just happened and I immediately knew it was some sort of evil spirit trying to frighten or attack me in some manner. Here I was a Christian missionary, trying my best to do the Lord’s work and share His gospel with others and then this happens. I kinda beat myself up for a while thinking maybe I somehow invited this “being” in my life for some past offense or sin or whatever. However, this line of thinking eventually faded away and came to terms that this really happened. Nothing like this ever happened before or after this.

Shadow Man 

This next experience was not too long after my 2nd incident. Coincidentally, it was in the same apartment in Evansville, Indiana that I was living in when the 2nd incident occurred. This next incident stands out as one of the more disturbing experiences that I have ever had. One evening, after retiring to bed, I was having a difficult time going to sleep and my eyes were open and I was deep in thought about life, the mission I was serving in, home and other things. Not long after these thoughts ran through my head, I felt an immediate presence enter our apartment. It was as if someone flipped a switch. A sudden shock to my system that happened instantaneously. I looked around the room and in the doorway, I witnessed a personage standing in the doorway of our room.

The lights were off in the apartment and in our room, so it was quite dark, but I distinctly remember how dark this figure was compared to the darkness in the room. Although there were no facial features that I could discern, I felt it “looking” at me. I felt darkness and coldness in my person and mind. This “thing” standing there, was very large and seemingly a vacuous shadow of pure darkness. From what I remember, I began to pray to God asking for Him to send this being away and to leave our apartment. After some time, I fell asleep and woke the next morning and went about my day. Not sure if this personage was the same that spoke my name as I rode my bike down that dark street or not. I’ve never had or seen anything like this ever again and wish I will never see something like this again.

Tesseract Light

This next experience occurred in the winter of 2005. At this time, I was newly married and had no children (yet). My wife and I were driving out 1992 Toyota pickup truck from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Shelley, Idaho to our rented apartment. It was late, probably close to mid-night and close to Christmas time as far as I recall – it could have been Christmas Eve. As we drove the snowy back-roads to our apartment in Shelley, we were calmly chatting and watching the road as we drove. At approximately here when all of the sudden, the inside of the cab of our truck began to  glow/illuminate in a soft electric blue color and then it faded after a few seconds.

I was close to an intersection and I slowed the vehicle to a stop and asked my wife if she saw the same thing, she confirmed she saw the same blue light softly come and softly leave again. I turned the truck around and drove back to the approximate place on the road the light appeared and nothing happened. I searched our immediate area and saw some houses and a farm building not too far away, but saw no lights, no people, no other vehicles, no aircraft or anything that could explain what we saw. What was most strange, was that the light source was NOT visible, but we could see the inside windows, the dash, our clothing and the whole inside of the cab reflect this light. It was bizarre, to say the least. We felt there was no missing time, no sounds accompanied the light, there was seemingly nothing else that stood out to us that might help us explain what happened.

A couple weeks later, my wife was talking with her sister who, at the time, lived approximately 60 minutes due north from Shelley, Idaho. After conversing with her, she learned her sister, on the same night, at the same approximate time, but 60 minutes away, experienced the same blue light in her vehicle as she drove home. If I was to explain what the light looked light, it was the same color as the tesseract we know from the Avengers movies. We have not seen anything like this since then, but it continues to perplex us as to what caused the light to come and go. Strange thing!