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Episode 1 – Pete Travers from Bigfoot Reality

Pete Travers

Pete Travers is a Visual and Digital Effects Supervisor for some of the biggest household name films of the last 25 years. He is a disciplined artist who utilizes his mechanical engineering background to better understand the world around him and bring imagination to form. One of the areas Pete has specialized in is Bigfoot sketches. He has worked in collaboration with BFRO for several years capturing visual representations of eyewitness accounts. His Bigfoot Sketch project has allowed him to experience these encounters through the eyes of many people throughout the country.

The information and sketches also feed into a unique utilization of his skills and talents to bring bigfoot to life with his Bigfoot Reality project. Reaching into the potentiality of Augmented Reality and combining his know-how with a remarkable vision. Pete is looking to allow users to have a new and out of the box experience, and possibly contribute to visual representations of sightings using 3D models in the AR context.

We have included several sketches from Pete below with short descriptions. He has also written and published a novel called No Return, which presents an interesting premise: What would you do if a Bigfoot encounter was your alibi?

Finally, Pete is very excited to gather more work for his sketch project. He is offering his services for free and encourages those who have had an encounter to email him or fill out his form found on

Feel free to reach out to Pete or email us at

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Bigfoot Reality Renderings

Pete Travers

Hypothetical Head Sketches

Pete Travers

Eyewitness Head Sketches

Pete Travers

Eyewitness Body Sketches

Pete Travers

All images are © and property of Pete Travers . Artwork used with his express permission.

No Return

A Novel by Pete Travers

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