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W.J. Sheehan is the compiler and author and of 5 volumes of Sasquatch experiences meticulously captured in his series of Bigfoot Terror in the Woods: Sightings and Encounters.
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Pete Travers is a Visual and Digital Effects Supervisor for some of the biggest household name films of the last 25 years. He is a disciplined artist who utilizes his mechanical engineering background to better understand the world around him and bring imagination to form. One of the areas Pete has specialized in is Bigfoot...
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In this initial episode we introduce ourselves and delve into why we are covering the subjects we are. This is a good way to get to know us and what our style is like.
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I've had some strange and unexplainable things happen to me. I would like to think there are some tangible reasons for some of it, but I'll never really know for sure.
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Lost River Legends is a podcast exploring strange events and sightings in the Snake River Valley and beyond.

Lost River Legends