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What's in a name?

The Lost River is found in the heart of Idaho, it starts deep in the mountains and eventually drops into the earth and vanishes from sight. Legends are similar, they start as poignant experiences and over the ages of time they fade away out of memory. Idaho is steeped in legends. Native tribes relate some amazing stories from the formation of Hell’s Canyon to creatures that live in certain areas of the state. Mystery surrounds the Frank Church Wilderness, the largest contiguous wilderness area in the lower 48. We’ve had Sasquatch sightings in many surrounding areas and over 900 reported UFO sightings over the past 70 years. Our goal is to bring some of the traditional legends to light and to also capture some current-day legends for future generations.


Idaho has been my home for 40 years now. Idaho is a state that continues to impress and and instill awe in me every time I step into her wilds. Like James, I too am an Eagle Scout and have frequented the outdoors throughout my life.

From as long as I can remember, I have questioned my own existence in the universe and the strangeness surrounding the physical and spiritual world around me. I am often caught up in deep thought thinking about the high strangeness of the world we live in and trying to understand how that plays a role in my life here on Earth.

You can click here to read my own strange encounters. We would love to here from you and what story you have to share.  Share your own strange story here.



James with Dr. Meldrum


I grew up in California and Idaho and spent much of my time in the outdoors. I am an Eagle Scout and love to get out and keep my skills fresh. I have an excellent sense of direction and don’t get frightened easily. Ever since I was young I kept an eye on the sky and always look up when I hear a plane. When I’m out camping I’ll stare at the sky for hours. I’ve had a few encounters of my own, that left me wondering about what I had seen and experienced. You can read about my encounters here. Its my hope that Lost River Legends provides a source of entertainment and intrigue to those who visit. I’d love to hear your story, feel free to email us or fill out our secure contact form. Keep your eyes and ears open and don’t be afraid to stare at the sky.