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Some things happen and we can’t explain them. Now people are talking openly about these subjects and sharing them online. Its no longer taboo to say you’ve experienced something bizarre, or unexplainable. At Lost River Legends we want to bring these stories to the light and allow you, the listener, to decide how this expands your understanding, or how it makes us understand less. Whether we are discussing Sasquatch, Dogman, Skinwalkers, Aliens, Cryptids, UFOs or something completely obscure, we aim to bring these things out of the shadows.

Our motto is Ex Tenebris, which is Latin for “out from the shadows.” We hope you enjoy our show and our website. Feel free to leave comments, download episodes and follow us on our social channels. We’d love to hear from you if you have had an encounter you can’t explain.

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James and Brett
Lost River Legends

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Episode 22 – Andrew from Florida – Listener Experiences

For the first time, we are joined by one of our listeners. Andrew from Florida has a series of very odd stories and experiences he wanted to share with us. Like so many of us, he has experienced things that cannot be explained. We discuss his encounters chronologically and ask what could it be? Like...
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Episode 21 – Miles Johnston from The Bases Project

Photo courtesy of Miles Johnson Miles Johnston was gracious enough to have a Skype call with us and cover some fantastic information. A roadmap of historical context and import unfolds as Miles presents insights and details that have hitherto gone unnoticed or connected. The message of hope in humanity as we join together in peaceful...
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Episode 20 – Preston Dennett, Author of “The Healing Power of UFOs”

Photo courtesy of Preston Dennet We had the pleasure of speaking to Preston Dennet. He is such a treasure-trove of information with 23 published books under his belt. We ask some questions from different angles and consider the information he has to share about benevolent visitors with instructions to improve the health and understanding of...
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Episode 19 – Dr. Lynne D. Kitei from Phoenix Lights Network

Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., is an internationally acclaimed physician and health educator for over 40 years, who pushed aside her accomplished medical career to pursue answers for the silent, mile wide V, Delta and Boomerang shaped “objects” that were witnessed by over 10,000 people
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Episode 18 – Mary Joyce from Starships Over Cashiers

We had a very poignant conversation with Mary Joyce regarding the UFO sightings and experiences she has investigated. We talk about secret underground government bases, Bigfoot and other strange aspects of the happenings around Cashiers, NC.
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Episode 17 – Stan Gordon from PAUFO/Silent Invasion

Courtesy of We are pleased to introduce Stan Gordon to our audience. We have watched his Silent Invasion on Chestnut Ridge from Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters. We also enjoy his various lectures concerning paranormal Bigfoot. We hope you enjoy and appreciate this episode as much as we did! Stan began in the...
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