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The Lost River Legends Podcast

Some things happen and we can’t explain them. Now people are talking openly about these subjects and sharing them online. Its no longer taboo to say you’ve experienced something bizarre, or unexplainable. At Lost River Legends we want to bring these stories to the light and allow you, the listener, to decide how this expands your understanding, or how it makes us understand less. Whether we are discussing Sasquatch, Dogman, Skinwalkers, Aliens, Cryptids, UFOs or something completely obscure, we aim to bring these things out of the shadows.

Our motto is Ex Tenebris, which is Latin for “out from the shadows.” We hope you enjoy our show and our website. Feel free to leave comments, download episodes and follow us on our social channels. We’d love to hear from you if you have had an encounter you can’t explain.

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James and Brett
Lost River Legends

Illustration Courtesy of Sebastian Ecosse.

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Episode 16 – The Bridgewater Triangle with Jeff Belanger

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Belanger In this episode James and Brett discuss the Bridgewater Triangle with our special Guest Jeff Belanger. We get his take on what is going on and how the history of this region could be a key factor the vortex of high strangeness in Massachusetts. Jeff Belanger is one of the...
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Episode 15 – Shifting Gears and Show Update

In this episode Brett and James catch up and discuss where things are at with the Lost River Legends podcast. We chat about the direction we are going, changing the subject matter from Bigfoot to UFOs and other unexplained phenomenon. Some would say these subjects aren’t connected, but what we are finding is that weirdness...
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Episode 14 – A “Bigfoot Extravaganza” with Bill Sheehan – Part II

For the second part of our “Bigfoot Extravagazna” with Bill we get some exclusive exposure to some of the most frightening and perplexing encounters from his Bigfoot Terror in the Woods: Sightings and Encounters. Bill has recently started a YouTube Channel where he is beginning to record different Terror in the Woods: Sightings and Encounters...
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Episode 13 – A “Bigfoot Extravaganza” with Bill Sheehan – Part I

We welcome Bill Sheehan back to our show for a "Bigfoot Extravaganza". Bill shares some stories that are completely mind-blowing and we chat about some of the characteristics of Sasquatch that we see displayed as a common thread.
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Episode 12 – Laura Krantz from Wild Thing Podcast

Courtesy of Laura Krantz, Foxtopus Ink Laura Krantz is a journalist, editor and producer, in both radio and print. She’s the host, creator and producer of the new podcast Wild Thing. Laura has worked in audio for over a decade. She edited and produced for NPR in Washington, DC, as part of multiple shows including...
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Episode 11 – Matt from Mattsquatch Presents – Part II

We discuss the cost of pursuing the truth and some of the social norms that contribute to some of the stigmas surrounding paranormal phenomena.
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